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Here are some examples of our work.

You can reproduce or enhance any of the projects here using the one stroke technique. 
Any of these can be used as actual projects in our classes. 

You can also click on any picture for a much larger view.



KLRN's Blazing Gavels
was a HUGE success!

KLRN's Blazing Gavels was a smashing success and we were glad to be a part of it! KLRN raised more then $500,000 setting a new Auction fundraising record. KLRN air's Donna Dewberry's One stroke painting each Saturday morning. If it had not been for this program, San Antonio Decorative Painting would not exist! Thanks KLRN!

If you won one of our class packages and would like to set an appointment please call us at 1-830-665-9528 and we will be contacting you very soon! Or you can e-mail us at jtaylor@stic.net

We look forward to working with everyone who bid and won one of our class packages!

Business Owners and Event Co-ordinators:

We are available to demo the One stroke technique at your place of business or craft show!

Just like Donna Dewberry when she demonstrates how to use her products on PBS and QVC, Jan Taylor, One stroke Certified Instructor stands in front of an easel and paints complete pictures using the One stroke method, giving complete verbal instruction with every stroke of the brush.

In addition, Jan also answers questions and gives tips to your customers or visitors who may have tried One stroke before but have not quite grasp the concept.

Download Request for Demonstration

Call for details: 830-665-9528

Hand Painted Dinnerware Seminars!
Late summer, Fall 2005

We are excited to announce that we have now added a Kiln and a select assortment of trendy dinnerware and house wares molds to our creative space!

Sometime late this fall we will be offering Hand painted dinnerware and other hand painted house wares to our classes.

Want a preview of what you might see? Check out Duncan Enterprises! They have been the leader in Ceramic supplies for many years and their design team is very creative!

We incorporate the One stroke method of painting while using Duncan underglazes! This experience will not only add functional items that reflect your personality to your home but also broaden your knowledge of decorative painting!

Excited? WE ARE! Email us or call us at 830-665-9528 for details!

Contact us!
You can email us at jtaylor@stic.net
or call us! 830-665-9528